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Details about Tel Aviv-Chisinau charter flight

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration said the Moldovan authorities do not place any obstacles to operating flights from the airport in Isarel. The clarification came following reports that the landing of particular flights was not permitted, IPN reports.

“I talked to the Republic of Moldova’s Ambassador in Israel Alex Roitman who, for his part, talked to representatives of the airport in Israel. There is no impediment on the part of the Moldovan authorities. These are false reports and speculations. As there are many flights operated on the airport in Israel and the landings and takeoffs take place in an arranged way, we were informed that a number of flights will take off with delay, including the flight mentioned by the internationally sanctioned citizen Ilan Shor,”, said Igor Zakharova, adviser on communication to Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicu Popescu.

The Civil Aviation Authority also provided details, saying that a permit for operating the irregular (charter) flight Tel Aviv – Chisinau, asked by MGH Ground Handling that operates at the Chisinau International Airplane, was issued on Thursday evening, following the submission of the missing documents.

“Even if, as the request stipulated, this is a repatriation flight, the applicant didn’t coordinate the flight with the responsible state institutions and additional time was therefore needed to check the origin of the flight, the list of passengers and other necessary elements so as to ensure national safety, given that the flight is operated in a high-risk area. It should be noted that only 13 out of the 30 passengers are citizens of the Republic of Moldova, according to the information presented by the applicant,” the Civil Aviation Authority noted in a press release.

Following the required examinations, the permit was issued at 10:30pm and is valid for 72 hours.

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