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E-ticketing to be introduced in public transport in Transnistrian region

The Transnistrian administration intends to introduce an electronic ticketing system in public transport. The local press said that stationary validators will be set up on urban transport. The public transport running on suburban and interurban routes and trolleybus conductors will have portable validators, IPN reports.

The system will be implemented in two stages. During the first two months, cash and cashless payments will be accepted in towns. From the third month, travellers will pay only with prepaid transport cards, bank cards and mobile devices.

Work on the project will begin on November 1, while the implementation process can last for several years. During the first year, the flow of passengers, including those who can travel free, will be monitored. Based on these data, the authorities will decide who to provide subsidies to. The next year, stationary validators will be installed in trolleybuses in Tiraspol and Bender. In suburban and interurban traffic, there will be accepted only cashless payments.

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