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Gagauzia Congress adopts resolution warning central authorities

The Congress of Deputies and Representative Authorities of all levels of Gagauzia, which took place in Comrat, adopted a resolution asking President Maia Sandu, the Parliament and the Government to “stop obstructing the authorities of the autonomous region from exercising the powers granted by the Constitution and the Law on the Status of Gagauzia”.

The resolution also requests that the legislation adopted at the region’s level is no longer subject to supervision by the State Chancellery. Moreover, the Gagauz also want more representatives in the legislative, executive and judicial branches.

Additionally, the resolution demands a mission of guarantors from the Council of Europe, the UN, Russia, Turkey and Germany to ensure that the central authorities respect the Gagauz autonomy.

Should the demands fall on deaf ears, the Gagauz deputies say they will hold a referendum “on the future of Gagauzia”.

The event brought together former and current members of the Gagauz legislature, members of the Executive Committee of Gagauzia, mayors and citizen activists.

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