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Igor Grosu: We will not allow Dodon, Shor and Plahotniuc to change country’s European course

Fugitive politicians Ilan Shor and Vlad Plahotniuc aim to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Moldova by trying to upset the country’s European course, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu stated in an interview with TVR INFO in Bucharest. According to the chairman of the Party of Action and Solidarity, the aggressive character of the war waged by Russia, which attacks strategic infrastructure facilities in Ukraine, left Moldova without 30% of the necessary electricity, IPN reports.

The Speaker explained to the press in Bucharest that Moscow does not admit that its missiles entered Moldova’s airspace, but this is a flagrant violation of the country’s security. Owing to Romania’s support, Moldova copes with the severe energy crisis caused by Russia by attacking Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

“They asked for evidence from us as if we launch rockets. The Romanian side sees them. The Ukrainian side sees them, while the Russian Federation does not want to see them. This is inappropriate behavior. The fact that the Russian Federation changed its strategy and deliberately attacks strategic facilities increases the danger and we can have localities in the border area of the Republic of Moldova under threat. We can no longer purchase 30% of the electricity we had bought from Ukraine as Russia destroys critical infrastructure. Therefore, we had to look for alternatives. A solution was identified with Romania and we can buy a part of the necessary power from here. As the Kuchurgan power plant refused to sign a contract with us, a shortage of electricity appeared,” Igor Grosu stated in the program “Prim-Plan” on TVR INFO channel.

As to the sanctioning of fugitive oligarchs Ilan Shor and Vlad Plahontiuc by the U.S., the Speaker said that Moscow, through the agency of persons in conflict with the law, tries to compromise Moldova’s European course.

“This party that I consider a criminal group financed from outside the country, with links to intelligence services of the Russian Federation, has a very clear plan to destabilize the political situation in the Republic of Moldova against the background of the war and the energy crisis, being troubled by the EU candidate status granted to the Republic of Moldova. We will disappoint them and will not allow Sor, Plahotniuc or Dodon to destabilize the situation and change the European course,” noted the official.

Igor Grosu, alongside President Maia Sandu, took part in the international conference “Women MPs in Romania and the promotion of gender equality as national commitment” that was held in Bucharest on Tuesday. While in Bucharest, Speaker Grosu met with the interim President of the Senate of Romania Alina Gorghiu, while President Sandu met with her Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis and the Prime Minister of Romania Nicolae Ciucă.

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