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Klaus Iohannis: It is extremely important that Moldova remain firmly committed to pro-EU course

It is extremely important that the Republic of Moldova remain firmly committed to the democratic and pro-reform pro-European course. The ordinary citizens, the local authorities need additional support that Romania is ready to offer. Moldova is a special preoccupation for Romania, the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis stated in a news conference held jointly with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, IPN reports.

The Romanian official said that Romania has helped the Republic of Moldova not starting with this year, when the country began to experience serious difficulties, but since when Romania became a democratic state and Moldova committed itself to the pro-European course very firmly. Moldova has a pro-European, pro-reform President and a parliamentary majority. “We are glad to encourage this pro-European and pro-reform course. We do slightly more than encouraging. We help with expertise, very concrete things, such as electricity, fuel, firewood, gas, but we realize that things for the ordinary people in the Republic of Moldova are very problematic and we therefore discuss with all the allies, partners and friends so as to together find ways to help the Republic of Moldova. Personally, I do not have signs that the Republic of Moldova’s approach can change. On the contrary, I believe that the people realized very well that it is a very difficult period for them and for us too, but this does not mean that the reforms stop,” stated Klaus Iohannis.

According to him, the infrastructure needs to be significantly improved. “The challenge for us, in Romania, is big as, besides reforms and punctual support we are very disposed to offer, much better infrastructure needs to be built, such as interconnection infrastructure, bridges, networks and we are ready to do all these things together,” noted the Romanian  official.

Klaus Iohannis underlined the importance of offering increased NATO support to Ukraine and also to the most vulnerable NATO partners in the region, namely the Republic of Moldova, Georgia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. “We are making sustained efforts to help the Republic of Moldova overcome the social, economic and energy difficulties generated by the war in Ukraine,” said the President of Romania.

meeting of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs is taking place in Bucharest on November 29-30. The meeting consists of four sessions centering on the implementation of the decisions taken at the NATO summit in Madrid, the war in Ukraine, energy security, and partners.

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