Maia Sandu: Gagauzia and Taraclia have potential to develop bilingual education

ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia district have a great potential to develop bilingual education, being regions populated by ethnic groups, President Maia Sandu stated in a discussion with OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Kairat Abdrakhman, IPN reports.

According to the presidential press service, the two officials conferred on the cultural ties, development of ethnic and linguistic diversity, promotion of a tolerant society and the actions that need to be taken for the purpose.

“I wanted to note that my goal as the President is to strengthen society and unite the people, ensuring an environment in which each citizen feels safe, feels respected and has equal development opportunities. Among the priories, I mentioned the intention to design a number of educational programs, programs for young people, journalistic programs that would motivate our citizens to learn more about each other,” President Sandu stated after the discussion.

Maia Sandu thanked the OSCE official for the assistance offered in the process of applying good international practices in the field of national minorities by the Republic of Moldova.

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