Media NGOs condemn intimidation of journalist by forester

Media nongovernmental organizations condemn the actions to intimidate and threaten journalist of Ziarul de Gardă (ZdG) paper Victor Moșneag, taken by forester Dorin Merzâncu, who works for the Bujor Forest Company, during the conducting of a journalistic investigation into illegal tree felling, IPN reports

More exactly, Dorin Merzâncu tried to struck the journalist with the car he was driving, insulting the interlocutor of the reporter. Later, the team of ZdG was followed by the forester on a distance of several kilometers, he threatening them with punishment. In a statement, the NGOs express their indignation at this fact and note that the defiant actions of forester Dorin Merzâncu run counter not only to the generally accepted norms of conduct in a democratic society, but also to the provisions of the legislation, representing violations of a number of rights, including the freedom of expression of the media.

The media NGOs demand that forester Dorin Merzâncu should apologize publicly to journalist Victor Moșneag and should adopt an appropriate conduct, refraining in the future from the expression of any form of intolerance of journalists and media outlets.

The NGOs call on the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Moldova, in virtue of the legal powers they have, to take note of these actions and to institute proceedings for holding Dorin Merzâncu accountable.

The statement was signed by the Independent Journalism Center, the Association of Environment and Eco-Thorium Journalists, Media Guard Association, the Association of Independent Press, the Electronic Press Association, etc.

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