Maia Sandu: Government is obliged to allocate money for holding elections

President Maia Sandu said the executive is obliged to identify money for holding snap parliamentary elections even if funds for the purpose haven’t been earmarked in the 2021 state budget. July 11 is the most suitable date for holding elections as the legal conditions for organizing the elections are met and this date also offers the possibility of overcoming the current political crisis as swiftly as possible, IPN reports.

President Sandu said that July 11 is the most suitable period for holding the elections from epidemiological viewpoint. Specialists say the number of COVID-19 cases in summer declines.

“We also started from the legal period that is needed for preparing for elections. We took into account the period that is needed by the CEC to organize the elections, but also wanted the elections to be held as swiftly as possible so as to bring to an end this chaos when we do not have a plenipotentiary Government and a parliamentary majority that would support the Government. The faster we have elections, the faster we can ensure a stable majority,” Maia Sandu stated in the talk show “In Depth” on ProTV Chisinau channel.

Moreover, the official said the discussions about the money that is needed for elections are useless as the current Government is obliged to identify funds for this electoral exercise. The Central Election Commission is to present the final sum needed to properly hold the elections.

“The CEC will agree the exact amount needed for elections as the sum of 120 lei is not a final one. This amount will be communicated to the Government,” stated President Sandu.

Under the presidential decree, the snap parliamentary elections will be held on July 11. The signing of the decree became possible after the Constitutional Court ruled that the Parliament decision to declare a state of emergency for a period of two months, until May 30, is unconstitutional.

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