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COVID – 19 Vaccination Register to be set up in Moldova

The Cabinet approved the initiation of a State COVID–19 Vaccination Register. Under the Government decision, there will be designed an automated information system that will contain information about the persons who got vaccinated against COVID – 19 and the administered vaccines, scheduling of appointments for vaccination and issuing of vaccine certificates, IPN reports.

According to acting Prime Minister Aureliu Ciocoi, the creation of such a register is an absolute necessity for Moldova, especially because the vaccine campaign is ongoing. “The approval of this draft decision is welcome when we need an electronic system for keeping records of the persons who benefitted from vaccine on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, but we must see how we can technically include the citizens from outside our county,” stated the official.

The register will be accessible to employees of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, the National Public Health Agency, the National Health Insurance Company, providers of medical services, the health subdivisions of the local public authorities, the General Border Police Inspectorate. It will be managed by the Information Technology and Cybersecurity Service.

With the assistance of the register, the General Border Police Inspectorate will ensure the supervision of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova who are vaccinated against COVID–19. Consequently, the copies of vaccine certificates will be transmitted to the National Public Health Agency for surveillance.

The catalog will be registered as state property. It will be managed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection and will be owned by the National Public Health Agency.

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