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Maia Sandu: State of emergency is aimed at putting off elections

President Maia Sandu considers the Parliament’s decision to declare a state of emergency is desperate and empty. She noted the Government came to Parliament fully unprepared and didn’t explain how the people affected by the state of emergency will be compensated for the sustained losses. Maia Sandu said the decision is political and is aimed at putting off the date of snap elections, IPN reports.

As the interim Government cannot request Parliament to declare a state of emergency, the relevant bill was signed by three Socialist MPs. According to Maia Sandu, the document is ambiguous and generates complete uncertainty as to the Government’s actions during the state of emergency.  

“It is an empty decision. It does not explain what the state of emergency means and how the losses of those affected by this state of emergency will be compensated. It is an attempt by the current Parliament to extend its life so that in the period it could adopt more laws that would advantage those MPs and would do harm to the country,” President Sandu stated in the program “Secrets of the Power” on Jurnal TV channel.

She noted the decision to declare a state of emergency was taken by the parliamentary majority in a move to put off the snap elections as Parliament during the state of emergency cannot be dissolved.

“It is a desperate action as only some scared and desperate people can come up with such a decision that is neither justified nor explained and can only postpone the solving of the problem. For us, the decision of the Constitutional Court is important,” stated Maia Sandu.

After some of constitutionalists said that the decision to declare a state of emergency can be challenged in the Constitutional Court, President Sandu said she reserves this right and could do so the next few weeks, if the pandemic situation worsens.

“This is a decision imposed by the PSRM on the Government. I want to believe that the Government, even if it came to Parliament unprepared, will come up with concrete measures. If the situation remains unchanged, it will be clear that this is a show and I reserve the right to act this way,” stated Maia Sandu.

The state of emergency was declared for the period between March 31 and May 30. The document was adopted by the votes of the Socialist MPs and the For Moldova parliamentary platform that includes the MPs of the Shor Party.

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