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Method of state budget financing of public technical education institutions updated

The method of state budget financing for public technical education institutions has been updated under a resolution approved by the Government on Wednesday.

In particular, the retention rate and the award coefficient are excluded, and the institution’s performance coefficient is introduced, which is established based on the number of teaching staff. At the same time, the coefficient of the form of education is included.

“We are moving from a financing method strictly based on the number of students to a financing method that will also take into account the project proposals with which each institution applies, so that there is a competitive element for the investments made in these institutions. At the same time, a performance component is introduced in the funding formula to stimulate the increase in the employability rate for graduates of these institutions for inclusion in the dual system”, Minister of Education and Research Dan Perciun told the Government’s meeting.

In order to ensure the new method is uniformly applied, the expenditure limit per institution will be approved by an order of the Ministry, and the financing will be carried out by the budgetary authority, i.e. the founder.

The new rules will take effect on January 1, 2024.

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