Mini-vacation for public sector employees

Public sector employeeswill have a mini-vacation after May 8, which falls on a Monday, was declared a day off, but May 13, which falls on a Saturday, will be yet working day, instead of May 8.  This way, the public sector employees will return to work on May 10, IPN reports.

The given Government decision refers to public authorities and institutions that are obliged to make sure the subordinate units work efficiently on the day considered a workday. For enterprises of the real sector of the national economy, the decision is recommendatory in character.

The proposal to modify the working program is in accordance with the Labor Code, which provides that the Government has the right to transfer working days to other days so that the salary earners could fully enjoy the nonworking days and bank holidays.

Nonworking days in Moldova are: January 1 – New Year; January 7 and 8 – Christmas (according to old church calendar); March 8 – International Women’s Day; Easter day and next day; Sunday of the Dead and next day; May 1 – International Workers’ Day; May 9 – Day of Victory and of remembrance of heroes who died for the independence of the Homeland; May 9 – Europe Day; August 27 – Independence Day; August 31 – the Romanian Language Day; December 25 – Christmas (according to new church calendar). The day when the settlements celebrate their foundation day is also a nonworking day. In Chisinau, it is October 14.

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