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Moldova takes part in discussions on Ukrainian grain exports

Representatives of the European Commission, the United States, Romania, Ukraine and Moldova are discussing Ukrainian grain exports, alternative routes and global food security in the Romanian Danube port city of Galați on Friday, Radio Europa Liberă reported.

According to a press release from the US Embassy in Romania, the participants in the talks will join forces “following Russia’s hard exit from the Black Sea Grain Initiative” for a better coordination of Ukrainian grain exports.

“Working together, we are committed to strengthening and diversifying alternative routes for grain exports by rail, road and sea, ensuring Ukraine’s essential role in the global food market”, the United States said, stressing that it remains “strongly standing with Ukraine, promising continued support and assistance”. The meeting participants will also denounce Moscow’s actions “for weaponizing food and endangering global food security”.

Europa Liberă writes that the large flow of Ukrainian grain from the Black Sea basin caused grain and oilseed prices to plummet in the countries of the region, including Moldova. The situation was caused by the blocking of access to Ukrainian ports as a result of the war started by Russia in Ukraine. The transit of Ukrainian production on the territory of these countries intensified after the bombing of the port infrastructure on the Danube.

Farmers in Moldova submitted several demands to the authorities, including the creation of special customs corridors for the export of grain and oilseeds. They also demand compensation for small and medium-sized grain producers affected by low prices and high production costs. If their demands are not met, the farmers warn that they will resume protests starting on August 14.

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