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Moldova will be short of electricity from today and we must economize

The Republic of Moldova will be short of electrical energy as from today. The situation worsened owing to Russia’s attacks on the electric energy system of Ukraine and the cutting of gas supplies by Gazprom. The commercial contracts signed by the state-owned enterprise Energocom will not fully cover power consumption between 7am and 11pm, stated Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, being quoted by IPN.

The official called on the population to maximally save electricity between 7am and 11pm. The entrepreneurs and business community were encouraged to disconnect the advertising and decorative lighting, to modify production hours and to use individual generators where it is possible. “Each of us can help. If we act solidarily and responsibly, no one will have to be disconnected,” wrote Andrei Spînu.

He noted that no disconnections were planned for today. During the next few days, contracts for the supply of electricity are to be signed with other suppliers. Moldovagaz allocated more gas to the Kuchurgan power plan for tomorrow and resources will be identified, including for the next days. Measures to save electrical energy will be adopted.

From October 11, the Republic of Moldova has been fully supplied with electricity by the Kuchurgan power plant. Moldovagaz allocated additional amounts of gas to the plant for this to produce the necessary amount of power. A website was recently created to teach the people how to save electricity and heat, water and fuel- controlezfactura.gov.md.

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