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Ordinary Cabinet meeting to be held in Cahul

The next ordinary meeting of the Cabinet will take place at the Cahul State University in southern Moldova, IPN reports.

The agenda of the meeting includes the approval of bills concerning the National Development Strategy “Moldova 2030”, the strategy for developing the internal affairs sector for 2022-2030, the placing of a bust to poet Andrei Ciurunga (Robert Cahuleanu) on the Alley of Personalities in the municipality of Cahul, the setting up of an architectural-monumental composition in memory of the victims of Stalinist deportations in Cahul.

The Cabinet is to also consider a draft decision on the liquidation of the Special Boarding School for deaf and hearing-impaired children in Cahul. The Ministry of Education and Research said the given institution in 2019-2020 worked at minimum capacity as only 14 places of the available 150 were filled. Five students of these already graduated this school.

The Cabinet meeting on September 21 starts at 11am.

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