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MP Slusari blocks access way to Micăuți Quarry

The deputy head of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform”, MP Alexandr Slusari said that despite all the approaches to “unveil the illegalities” committed at the Micăuți Quarry by the commission of inquiry, the extraction works there continue. The MP blocked the access way to the quarry after the works there were resumed after the representatives of the ecological inspectorate and MPs left, IPN reports.

“Two individuals with criminal cases – MPs Nikiforchuk and Andronache – defy the law, aren’t afraid of anything as they are protected by Dodon’s circle and profit from this chaos in the country. We came to stop the anarchy, invited the responsible bodies. If these do not help stop the activity of the quality, we, the members of the commission, will have to block the works of the quarry,” stated Alexandru Slusari.

The extraction works at the Micăuți Quarry restarted immediately after the representatives of the ecological inspectorate and the MPs went away. Slusari notified the inspectorate repeatedly so that this seals up the quarry. He said the inspectorate hasn’t done this until now for reasons that cannot be understood.

Alexandr Slusari noted that legal responsibility should be borne for the illegal activity of the quarry, while MPs Nikiforchuk and Andronache expose the quarry workers to the risk of being punished in accordance with the law.

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