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National platform Alerte.md launched in first town of Moldova, Cahul

Mediapoint has launched the first national platform intended for citizens and mayor’s offices of Moldova’s town. Alerte.md will enable each town in the Republic of Moldova to have a dedicated version that will be administered by the local mayor’s office. Alerte.md will enable to intelligently manage towns and is aimed at optimizing communication between citizens, civil society and the local public administration, IPN reports, quoting Mediapoint.

On alerte.md, the citizens will be able to report problems faced in the town by the local authorities by one click and to follow online the progress made to solve the reported problem, to launch civic initiatives and obtain online the community’s support by a voting system, to take part in polls conducted by mayor’s offices, to contribute to taking decisions and subscribe to important notices in the town or the area where they live.

Cahul is the first settlement in Moldova where Alerte.md became available. The local authorities of the town will digitalize communication with the citizens by all the instruments available on the platform. The project is implemented in partnership with the Cahul mayor’s office that will be responsible for managing the application.

Mayor of Cahul municipality Nicolae Dandiș, in the event to laucnh the platform, said such a digital instrument represents a challenge for the local administration. “Today everyone has a telephone, digital instruments and it is easy to report a problem, to post a picture on this platform and the information reaches the municipality immediately. I would be glad if the citizens report such problems so that we could correctly direct the resources and swifter solve the problems faced by the people,” said Nicolae Dandiş, noting the citizens will be able to see at what examination stage the problem they reported is.

The mayor also said that this instrument will turn the municipality of Cahul from the southern capital into an example of how to improve the relations with citizens and to become ‘more digital’ in the provision of public services and in communication for other institutions, authorities, settlements.

The new national platform Alerte.md will enable each town in the Republic of Moldova to have a dedicated version that will be administered by each local mayor’s office. The mayor’s offices that want to use such a digital instrument in the communication with the citizens are invited to send a message through the contact form available on alerte.md (www.alerte.md/contact). Each local version will be adjusted to the context and necessities of the mayor’s office. Three more towns in Moldova will be connected in the immediate period. The number is planned to gradually rise in 2021-2023.

Alerte.md was developed with the financial support of the National Endowment for Democracy. The local version of the project Alerte.md.md in the municipality of Cahul is launched  in the framework of the project ”Alerte.md in your town” that is part of the program “Development of Civil Society at the Local Level in the Republic of Moldova” that is financed by the European Union and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

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