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Nicu Popescu: We prepare important announcements that will be made at June 1 Summit

Important announcements referring to the Republic of Moldova will be made during the European Political Community Summit of June 1, said Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu. According to him, the Summit will center on common problems of the European continent. Representatives of the participating states will have bilateral meetings, IPN reports.

The second EPC Summit will bring together in Moldova about 50 heads of state and government and European officials. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Nicu Popescu, the event will represent enormous diplomatic support for Moldova during a difficult period. This event confirms the support enjoyed by Moldova in the process of joining the EU.

“For the Republic of Moldova, this summit has two dimensions. There is the pan-European dimension where the discussions will not refer exclusively to the country that organizes the Summit. The previous Summit was held in Prague and the discussions there didn’t focus only on the Czech Republic. The next Summit will take place in Spain and will not center on Spain only. In the Republic of Moldova, the problems of Europe will also be discussed. We offer the necessary space for taking part in a broad discussion involving all the European states that oppose this war. Simultaneously, solutions to our common problems will be looked for. It is very important that the Republic of Moldova should make itself heard in this format. But bilateral meetings will also be held during the Summit and after these the Republic of Moldova will make announcements together with some of the countries. Other countries will also make impotent announcements for their citizens,” Nicu Popescu stated in the program “At 360 Degrees” on Radio Moldova station.

The official said that important announcements concerning the Europeans community’s support for Moldova will be made in the event. The security crisis in the region and energy issues will be at the core of the agenda of the high-ranking European officials who will attend the Summit.

“We are preparing a number of important announcements concerning concrete benefits and initiatives for the Republic of Moldova. All the announcements will be made at the Summit. Some of them were already mentioned in the public space as support measures for the Republic of Moldova, but there will also be new things we will discuss later. This type of summits and meetings often accelerate particular things that have been discussed for years. A plenary meeting of all the delegation heads will be held. Later, the delegation heads will separate into working groups and will discuss in detail such subjects as peace and security on the European continent, the energy subject and later there will be enough time for bilateral meetings,” noted the official.

The European Political Community is an intergovernmental forum for political and strategic discussions about the future of Europe, established in 2022 after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, on the initiative of the President of France Emmanuel Macron.The group first met in October 2022 in Prague, with participants from 44 European countries.

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