Over 230 persons died in road accidents this year

The about 2,300 accidents that occurred on the national roads during the first 11 months of last year resulted in 234 deaths and approximately 2,600 persons injured. More than half of these accidents were due to speeding.

In a response to an inquiry made by IPN, the National Inspectorate for Public Security said the drivers of motor vehicles are most often to blame for the accidents. They account for about 78% of all the accidents. Therefore, the number of accidents and of persons hurt in accidents caused by these increases.

Cars of such makes as BMW, Dacia, Mercedes, Opel, Toyota and Volkswagen are most frequently involved in road accidents.

It was determined that most of the accidents in the first 11 months of last year occurred on Fridays and Sundays – 356 and, respectively, 343. In 2020, the largest number of accidents happened on Saturdays – 276 – and on Sunday – 267. Also, most of the accidents – 337 – occurred between 6pm and 8pm.

According to the National Inspectorate for Public Security, 147 drivers were to blame for fatal accidents that happened in January-September 2021. In 96% of the cases, the accidents were the male drivers’ fault.

Some 31% of the accidents were caused by drivers aged between 21 and 30. This category is followed by motorists aged between 31 and 40. In 37% of the accidents, the motorists had over ten years’ driving experience, while in another 27%, the persons driving the vehicles didn’t have a driver’s license. It turned out that in 15% of the fatal accidents, the drivers were inebriated.

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