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PAS undertakes to restore law and justice in Moldova

The most resounding cases of corruption and serious offenses witnessed the past few years, in which the offenders remained unpunished, while the state suffered huge damage, show that justice cannot be done in a country in which the system works according to the principle “one hand washes the other”,” said ex-minister of justice Olesea Stamate, who runs for MP on the PAS’s list. She made reference to the Laundromat case, theft of the US$ 1 billion, case of Ilan Shor, expulsion of Turkish teachers and many other cases in which the Republic of Moldova was convicted by the ECHR, IPN reports.

In a news conference, Olesea Stamate said the law should be the same for everyone and courageous and upright people who are not afraid of serious changes should sit in Parliament. She underlined the necessity of a radical transformation in the justice sector. The Party of Action and Solidarity undertook to restore law and justice in Moldova.

PAS vice president Sergiu Litvinenco told the same news conference that after July 11 the citizens have the chance to start a real fight against corruption. The PAS has a relevant plan that results from Maia Sandu’s program for the presidential elections. “We aim to fundamentally reform the system of state institutions in the field of justice and corruption fighting. In this regard, we will reform the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office that will deal exclusively with the fight against grand corruption and will have all the tools and independence needed to investigate the cases of grand corruption. Afterward, we will constitute the Tribunal and the Anticorruption Appeals Court that will examine the cases of grand corruption handled by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office,” stated the MP.

The PAS aims to draft a bill to amend the Constitution so that this allows confiscating the property that cannot be justified by functionaries, including the property of those who stole.

PAS leader Igor Grosu said hard times for thieves and good times for honest people are coming. The judiciary and the prosecution service should be ‘cured’ so that they implement the law, punish the thieves and return the stolen public funds to the citizens.

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