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Protest mounted at Appeals Court, parties seek more polling stations for diaspora

Members and supporters of election contenders came together in front of the Chisinau City Appeals Court to wait for the court’s judgment on the Central Election Commission’s decision to establish 146 polling stations outside the country for the snap parliamentary elections of July 11. The decision was challenged by contenders that ask for the establishment of 191 polling stations for the diaspora, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration proposed.

“We do not have exceptional requests. If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked to open 191 stations, it should be done so,” said the leader of Our Party Renato Usatîi, who runs for MP as part of the Electoral Bloc “Renato Usatîi”. The politician noted that members and supporters of the party from all over the country came to defend the right of those from the diaspora to vote.

Our Party vice president Ilan Cașu said that by its decision to establish 146 polling stations outside the country, the CEC encroached on the constitutional right to vote of the Moldovans abroad. By this protest, civil pressure is exerted on the institution so that the CEC’s decision is revoked.

PPPDA leader Andrei Năstase called on the parties to renounce the “political outfit” and show civic spirit so as not to make the judges and those from the CEC believe that this is a political approach.

The judges are having deliberations.

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