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Pavel Filip: PSRM, Shor Party and Candu group teamed up

The president of the PDM Pavel Filip said the MPs of the PSRM , the platform For Moldova and Pro Moldova form part of the same team and a new collation formed by the three political entities now emerged in Parliament. This became evident primarily after the last sitting of Parliament in which the statement on the political armistice in front of the COVID-19 crisis, proposed by Andrian Candu, was supported by the MPs of the PSRM, Pro Moldova and For Moldova, IPN reports.

In accordance with the statement proposed by the leader of Pro Moldova, the MPs commit themselves to act together, beyond their political and ideological positions and mutual sympathies, and to identify solutions to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the leader of the PDM, the fact that the statement was supported by the MPs of the PSRM, Pro Moldova and For Moldova is not accidental.

“This statement was registered right before the sitting and was immediately put to the vote, being proposed by the Parliament Speaker. Candu registered an absolutely inoffensive statement, at first sight, and the Socialists immediately put forward amendments. How could they prepare so swiftly? It is evident that things have been arranged. At the same time, the PDM registered a similar draft in Parliament last November, but this hasn’t been discussed yet,” Pavel Filip stated in the program “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

The leader of the PDM considers the three political entities now form part of a tacit PSRM-Shor-Candu alliance and they divided things between them, including judges, commissions, statements.

“I never separated those from Pro Moldova from those from For Moldova and I always said that they teamed up. In the last Parliament sitting, it became noticeable that there is a PSRM-Shor-Candu coalition,” stated Pavel Filip.

Moreover, according to the leader of the PDM, the voting in of a Government supported by all the authentic parliamentary forces, so that the Shor group is left outside governance, is a solution to the current political crisis.

Pavel Filip noted that discussions are now held on the parliamentary platform between the PSRM, PAS, PPPDA and PDM for identifying a solution to the political stalemate. The ball is now in the President’s court and she should propose a candidate for Prime Minister by obeying the Constitution and the Constitutional Court’s judgment.

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