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Presidential administration remits SSC decision on pandemic crisis to Government

The presidential administration has submitted the Supreme Security Council’s decision with the recommended actions aimed at containing the COVID-19 pandemic to the Government. The Council suggests definite measures for supporting the population and the business community in this period, IPN reports, quoting the presidential press service.

The measures include the compensation of the losses of salary earners, patent holders and other categories, caused by the state of emergency, with at least 1,000 lei a week, simplification of the procedures for registering the status of unemployed person and for setting unemployment benefit so that these are performed during three days, reduction of the minimum insurance period from 12 months to nine months and provisions of the right to unemployment benefit to young specialists.

The Council also suggests instituting a moratorium for business entities and private individuals on the payment of rent, for public utilities, taxes, penalties and a moratorium on fiscal inspections and blocking of the accounts of business entities, working out mechanisms for subsidizing business entities for the sustained losses and insuring implementation of recommendations intended for specialists responsible for the prevention and fighting of domestic violence in the context of COVID-19.

Also, the non-priority costs and large salaries in the public sector should be urgently blocked and immediate measures should be taken to support the health system.

President Maia Sandu considers the people should not be left alone in front of the pandemic, while the state should focus on the protection of the life and health of the citizens and should offer economic aid. According to her, firm, concrete and swift actions should be taken during the next few weeks to avoid strict quarantine and stop the spread of the virus.

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