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Persons who got cured of COVID-19 should also receive a vaccine

The persons who had COVID-19 and got cured should also receive a vaccine. After they recover, they do not have a necessary number of antibodies and these do not remain long, said the head of the national committee of immunization experts Ninel Revenco, noting that a person can contract COVID-19 for two-three times a year, IPN reports.

According to Ninel Revenco, only vaccination with two doses ensures the necessary number of antibodies and long-lasting immunity, of six-nine months and more. The persons who suffered from mild forms of COVID-19 can get a vaccine immediately after recovery, while those who had a more serious form and received serious treatment can receive a shot in 90 days of the recovery.

Ninel Revenco noted the citizens should know what type of vaccine they were administered and what the interval between the administered doses is. At international level, all the approved COVID-19 vaccines, except one vaccine, need to be administered in two doses. The persons are protected from infection only after receiving the second shot, in up to two weeks.

The specialist said the vaccine against COVID-19 is not banned to persons with immunodeficiency disorders, such as HIV. Only the persons who had a serious allergy to one of the components of the vaccine cannot be immunized. For example, one of the vaccine components can be found in toothpaste. No person has been reported to have such a reaction so far.

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