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Piotr Guțul: Moldova is not ready to join EU because it does not respect consumers

The head of the public association “Consumer Protection” Piotr Guțul considers the Republic of Moldova is not ready to join the European Union because it does not respect the law on consumer protection.

In a news conference hosted by IPN, Piotr Guțul said the judicial system of the Republic of Moldova and the Prosecutor’s Office refuse to defend the rights of consumers, while the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Parliament’s administration and the President violate the law on consumer protection.

According to him, the current law on consumer protection is not applied. Neither the Criminal Code is obeyed as long as the Prosecutor’s Office avoids taking legal action against judges who refuse to examine case referring to consumer protection.

The association is informed by individuals about unjustified heat bills they receive in connection with calculations done for those who are connected to the centralized heating system and for those with autonomous heating systems. The association sent a letter to MP Vlad Batrîncea, asking this to formulate a request to the Constitutional Court. But the letter reached the head of the Parliament’s legal commission Olesea Stamate, who refused to take a decision on the issue. Consequently, the association didn’t receive any response from institutions, stated Piotr Guțul.

Efima Morari, the dweller of an apartment building situated in Chisinau, said that she had been cold in her apartment for a period. The apartment is now not connected to the centralized heisting system, but she continues to receive bills from suppliers and her debt amounted to 7,000 lei. The National Agency for Energy Regulation could not solve her problem, invoking that it does not have such duties.

The woman noted that a hearing was held in her absence. She later received a letter, informing her that she is obliged to pay the debt. In a month, a bailiff came and told her that she needs to pay 3,200 lei more. Termoelectrica warned her that if she does not pay, she will be sued again.

Anatolie Dubavoi, consumer, expressed his indignation at the government’s actions. According to him, the authorities act against the laws they adopt. “They themselves modify the laws against the people,” he asserted.

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