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Procedures for employing Ukrainian refugees are being simplified

The National Employment Agency announced that 1,131 Ukrainian citizens found a job in the Republic of Moldova. Representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection said the number of Ukrainian refugees who were hired in Moldova is low as most of the refugees are women and children who don’t know the Romanian language or don’t have in whose care to leave the children, IPN reports.

According to the National Employment Agency, 1,131 Ukrainian citizens work officially in Moldova at present. The representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection said that to stimulate the employment of refugees, the bureaucratic procedures have been simplified.

“A foreign citizen who comes to the Republic of Moldova, if this wants to work in Moldova, needs a work permit. It is a procedure that lasts and implies the submitting of a set of documents. For the Ukrainian citizens, the procedure was annulled and they, obtaining temporary protection, automatically enter the labor market in conditions similar to those for citizens of the Republic of Moldova. The Ministry of Labor, through the agency of the National Employment Agency, agreed a set of measures intended for these persons so that they faster find a job. These are informing and labor market intermediation measures. These persons can obtain information about vacancies in the Republic of Moldova by going to the National Employment Agency and by accessing the portal They are furnished with information about job vacancies and contact data of employers who are ready to accept refugees,” the head of the Ministry’s Occupational Policies and Labor Migration Regulation Division Ana Gherganova stated in the program “Parallel 47” on Radio Moldova.

According to her, there are a series of factors that prevent the employment of Ukrainians in Moldova and the fact that they don’t know Romanian is one of these factors.

“Out of 80,000 refugees, the women and children represent the majority. The women cannot enter the labor market of the Republic of Moldova for two reasons, either because they don’t know the language or they do not have in whose care to leave the children. There is one more aspect. Many refugees don’t accept the size of salaries in the Republic of Moldova. Ukrainian refugees told us that those who wanted to work already left for Germany, France, Belgium,” stated Ana Gherganova.

Since the war in Ukraine broke out, UN Women Moldova has offered immediate support to refugee women in the form of humanitarian assistance. Currently, owing to international financial support, the women refugees are helped to socially integrate into the labor market.

“We offer assistance in employment to refugee women. We ensure connection with the private sector and career orientation. We teach them how to find a job, how to write a CV. We also offer them an instrument entitled “cash for work”, which is the women refugees can benefit from a voucher to the value of US$500 to access training or equipment for becoming employed or can pay to study Romanian or English. It goes to anything that can facilitate their access to the labor market,” stated the representative of UN Women Moldova Tatiana Udrea.

According to the National Employment Agency, out of 1,131Ukrainian citizens who found a job in Moldova, 816 are women, while 315 are men. Most of the Ukrainian citizens work in the municipality of Chisinau (859), ATU Gagauzia (49) and the municipality of Balti (46).

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