Promo-LEX to detach observers at 60 polling stations abroad

Promo-LEX Association now has 48 accredited observers who will supervise the voting process at polling stations abroad, but aims to cover 60 polling stations outside the country at the July 11 snap parliamentary elections. Contacted by IPN for details, Nicolae Panfil, the head of the Promo-LEX Election Observation Mission, said the polling stations abroad have been constantly overseen by Promo-LEX at presidential and parliamentary elections since 2014.

At the upcoming elections, Promo-LEX intends to detach observers at 60 polling stations abroad, which is at about 40% of the stations that will be set up outside the country. It has recruited 53 observers, but continues looking for observers in such countries as the Russian Federation, France, Italy, Germany, the UK, Spain and the U.S. Nicolae Panfil called on the expats to apply to become observers of Promo-LEX.

This year, the Association banks on the citizens abroad, given the pandemic. The previous years, observers from Moldova travelled to other countries. According to Nicolae Panfil, the Mission insisted on covering the polling stations where Moldovans voted in a large number at the previous elections, at the stations where the ballots were used up and there were long lines appeared outside.

Those who want to become observers of Promo-LEX do not have to form part of parties. They must be 18 and up and be ready to work throughout the election day – from 6:30am until vote counting and tabulation are over.

This year, Promo-LEX will have 600 static observers at national level, at the polling stations selected by sample. They will be there from morning until all the procedures are completed. There will also be 80 mobile teams (160 persons) who will monitor the electoral process at polling stations where there will not be static observers. At the polling stations in the Transnistrian region, Promo-LEX will have 41 observers.

So far the Central Election Commission accredited 967 observers of Promo-LEX Association.

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