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State Register of Voters on July 1 included over 3.3 million people

There were 3,301,368 people on the State Register of Voters on July 1. Of these, 2,739,379 citizens with the right to vote belong to administrative-territorial units of the second level, IPN reports.

The Central Election Commission said that the difference includes persons who have the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova, but do not have registration at the domicile or residence, including those who emigrated officially abroad, (288,371 persons) and citizens with the right to vote whose domicile is registered in the administrative-territorial units on the left bank of the Nistru, which are provisionally outside the sovereign control of the constitutional authorities of the Republic of Moldova (273,618 persons).

The presidential election in the Republic of Moldova will take place on October 20. A constitutional referendum on amending the Constitution so as to stipulate the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union will be held the same day.

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