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State social insurance budget 67.9% executed

A sum of 26.255,7 billion lei was accumulated into the state social insurance budget in the first eight months of this year. This is 67.9% of the annual plan approved, IPN reports.

According to the National House of Social Insurance (CNAS), the state social insurance contributions came to 13.836,7 billion lei or 65.4% of the annual projections, an increase of 1.967,8 million (16.6%) compared with the corresponding period last year.

Other incomes came to 371.0 million lei. The common tax rate levied from the resident companies of IT parks totaled 360.1 million lei of this amount, up 36.9% on last year.

The state budget transfers added up to 12.048,0 billion lei, in accordance with the requests for financing. Out of this sum, 7.388,0 billion lei went to cover social benefits and other payments that are financed with state budget funds. These were by 1.081,0 million lei (17.1%) higher than in the corresponding period last year. An amount of 4.660,0 billion lei was used to cover the shortage of own incomes of the state social insurance budget, which is 75.6% of the annual sum approved.

The expenditure was 25.445,7 billion lei or 65.8% of the planned annual amount. Compared with the same period last year, the expenditure was by 3.933,9 million lei or 18.3% higher.

The incomes of the state social insurance budget in eight months of this year were by 810.0 million lei higher than the expenditure.

The balance in the CNAS accounts on September 1, 2023 was 810.1 million lei.

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