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Tax for serving apartment building: who sets it and how large can it be

In the municipality of Chisinau, all the dwellers of a block pay a monthly tax for serving the apartment building that varies between 1 leu per square meter of apartment, as in the case of blocks managed by the housing sector enterprises, to 20 lei per square meter, as in the case of forms of management. Contacted by IPN for details, the deputy head of the Public Amenities Division Gennady Dubița said the decision in the case of other forms of management than housing sector enterprises is taken by the General Assembly of dwellers.

Gennady Dubița noted there is no cap in the case of this tax. If an apartment owner does not agree with the tariff, they can challenge it and the application will be examined by the same General Assembly of dwellers. There are specific technical norms approved by the Government, which should be taken into account by the managers. But this is not an executory document and it is recommendatory in character.

According to the functionary, the owners manage their property in concert and decide how to maintain this property. There are cases when the owners set the tariff of 20 lei per square meter. “As we are in a market economy, there is no authority that would supervise the tariffs in block management so that these are not large,” said Gennady Dubița.

The Chisinau Municipal Council in 2007 approved the tariff of 1 leu per square meter for serving the blocks managed by housing sector enterprises. For this reason, as Gennady Dubița said, the blocks are managed rather badly as the financial resources are insufficient given that the real costs are much larger than the collected amount. Among the works performed with this money are the service of the block, preparations for winter, maintaining of networks etc. But the collected money is not enough and only some of the maintenance works are thus executed and salaries are paid to those in charge.

Gennady Dubița considers the solution to this problem is to finalize the reform and to implement the Condominium Law nationwide so that all the buildings are managed by associations. The dwellers should decide the form of management and choose professional managers or municipal enterprises and should set a tariff. The privatization occurred, but the switchover to associations didn’t and the dwellers do not hurry to do this as the formation of associations is a voluntary process.

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