Maia Sandu: Lack of trust among producers delays coming of COVID-19 vaccines

President Maia Sandu said the coming of the COVID-19 vaccines to Moldova is late due to the absence of an agreement with vaccine producers. The representatives of Pfizer and Moderna do not trust the legal system of Moldova and therefore hesitate to sign a contract with the country. However, the Astra Zeneca vaccines are expected to get to Chisinau within ten days, IPN reports.

According to President Sandu, the large COVID-19 producers Moderna and Pfizer are skeptical when it goes to the approval of the delivery of vaccines to Moldova and the problem resides not in the absence of logistics for transporting and storing the vaccines, but in the defective justice.

”It is very hard to obtain the producers’ consent. In the case of the donation that is to come from Romania, we started discussions with Pfizer so that this allows Romania to make the donation. We didn’t come to terms. The same happened with Moderna. The producers have objections to our system of justice in general. They want to avoid litigation if someone claims damages,” Maia Sandu stated in the talk show “In Depth” on ProTV channel.

She noted that for the same reason, the vaccines that Moldova is to receive as a donation through the COVAX platform are late.

“The lack of trust delays the process not only as regards the donation that is to come from Romania, but also in the case of the one that is to be delivered through COVAX.  After the WHO announced that the vaccine through the COVAX platform will come in the middle of February and then at end-February, two days ago it informed us that Pfizer, from which the vaccines are taken, is not ready to give its consent for the Republic of Moldova,” stated Maia Sandu.

She said that the immunization campaign in Moldova will yet start soon, with the Astra Zeneca vaccines that are to come from Romania as a donation.

“We hope that next week or within ten days we will get the 20,000 doses of vaccines that are enough for 10,000 people, more exactly for 6,000 frontline health workers and for other medical personnel,” stated President Maia Sandu.

Two days ago, the Government of Romania approved an ordinance to deliver the first consignment of 20,000 doses of vaccine of the 200,000 promised to Moldova. It was earlier agreed that Moldova will also get vaccines for the immunization of 20% of the population through COVAX as a donation. Later, our country would purchase vaccines at preferential prices.

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