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Victor Parlicov: Raising of energy security at EPC Summit already means a lot

The fact that energy security will be one of the major three subjects of discussion at the European Political Community Summit of June 1 means a lot already. It means that the decision to create a ministry of energy in Moldova was good, Minister of Energy Victor Parlicov stated in a public debate hosted by IPN.

“Surely, a lot of preparatory work was done and we are yet to do even more work after the summit. The summit represents validation, expression of confidence, of the political support enjoyed by the Republic of Moldova from the EU, the European partners. It does not go only to financial support or funding. It also goes to the support we enjoy and the fact that all these people come to the Republic of Moldova shows that they highly trust that our European course is irreversible. For me, this is probably the most important political message,” said Victor Parlicov.

The minister of energy noted that important things will take place in the energy security and energy efficiency sectors of Moldova. A part of the projects were discussed ahead of the summit. Particular announcements are expected and good news for the Moldovan citizens will probably come after the summit.

As to the already tested or ongoing projects, he said that money was already allocated for the large-scale program to change the distribution systems in apartment buildings, from vertical distribution to horizontal distribution, and to install individual heat points. The program will be launched soon. Next year, there will definitely be more blocks in which such works will be carried out. The money was allotted through the EBRD and the World Bank.The pilot energy efficiency projectsshowed what the effects and benefits for the citizens are and the people will be now more motivated to invest in thermal insulation of buildings.

The political message is that these projects are being designed and a part of them are at advanced stages and will be kicked off soon. I think next year already, the citizens will feel the effects of the investments made in blocks, in individual heat and distribution points, and also of the subsidies for thermally insulating blocks, apartments, individual houses and other investments made in energy efficiency, such as the replacement of the heating system so as to enjoy increased comfort and a smaller bill, not because the charges will decrease, but because consumption will be optimized,” noted Victor Parlicov.

The public debate entitled “European Political Community Summit, opportunities opened up for security and energy interconnection” was staged by IPN in the framework of the project “Support for European Integration by stimulating discussion in the mass media about the European Political Community (EPC) Summit” that is supported by Soros Foundation Moldova.

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