Vlad Filat: Many people haven’t yet realized what last Sunday’s elections brought

The exceptional result achieved by the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) in the recent parliamentary elections and the failure of many political parties were predictable, ex-Premier Vlad Filat, former president of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova, stated in the talk show “The Fourth Estate” on N4 channel. According to him, the Shor Party entered Parliament owing to the so-called social stores that fulfilled their mission of corrupting voters.

He considers that from election to election, the citizens vote more reasonably and on July 11 they gave a no-confidence vote to the former rulers. “The victory scored by the PAS is deserved and is a follow-up to last autumn’s presidential elections. No one ever achieved such a score on the right,” stated the ex-Premier, noting that a new political class comes to power, but this has major problems in front of it, both immediate and long-lasting ones, such as the amendment of the budget, resumption of cooperation with the IMF, the territorial-administrative reform, working out and implementation of a stabilization and economic recovery plan. “The expectations of people are enormous, possibly bigger than in 2009,” stated Vlad Filat.

“The foreign partners will help us, but the attraction of investments will remain empty words as long as justice is not reformed to build a sustainable state that will serve first of all the interests of the citizens, will generate confidence in the state, in a balanced arrangement of things.” According to Vlad Filat, who filed an application to the ECHR, all the components of the justice system do not follow a correct path now.

Asked by the moderator why the “AUR surprise” didn’t occur in the recent snap parliamentary elections, the former party leader said many in Moldova want the country to unite with Romania, but do not see a party that would represent them, while AUR Moldova included a number of persons who showed their incapacity to give a real shape to particular aspirations. As to PDM, this party should be outlawed as in June 2019 there was not a coup attempt, but a real exercise aimed at usurping the power, with adopted documents and concrete actions. It is not enough to say that the party was cleansed and to ask for a new government mandate.

Speaking about the future Parliament, Vlad Filat said PAS will need a strong opposition for being guided towards achieving the set goals. Dodon, Shor, Voronin are unsuitable for such a position as they pursue personal goals to remain afloat and only society can aid and support the majority parliamentary party.

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