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2023 Baccalaureate exam pass rate among lyceum graduates close to 88%

The Baccalaureate exam pass rate among lyceum graduates is 87.77%, as oppose to 84.34% at the 2022 session. This way, 10,170 of the 11,587 lyceum students admitted to the exams passed these. Thirty graduates got only grades of 10 in the national Baccalaureate exams, according to the preliminary results presented by the Ministry of Education and Research, IPN reports.

The preliminary results were posted on Monday at the 93 Baccalaureate centers set up in the country. The candidates can also see the graded tests and the grades through

The 2023 Baccalaureate session involved11,587 lyceum students, 3,998 candidates from colleges and centers of excellence, 186 candidates from universities, 165 external candidates and 2,460 students who failed the exams the previous sessions – a total of 18,396. Two candidates were disqualified for cheating during the current session.

The candidates with the average grade equal to 8 or higher number 3,372, as opposed to 3,143 in 2022. As many as 897 candidates got the average grade of 9 or higher, as against 857 in 2022. Thirty graduates from Balti, Chisinau, Dubăsari, Hâncești, Orhei, Șoldănești, and Ungheni got grades of 10.

Those who disagree with the grades can challenge them during June 26-27 at the Baccalaureate centers where they took the exams. The challenges will be examined between June 28 and July 2 and the final results of the main session will be posted on July 3.

The additional Baccalaureate session will be held during July 17-24. To take part in these, the candidates must file an application to the Baccalaureate centers where they sat the exams during the main session on July 3 and 4.

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