28 years of adoption of Constitution

The Constitution is the supreme legal act that represents the basis of the fundamental political decisions in society and contains the main principles of the country’s democratic course, the president of the Constitutional Court Domnica Manole stated on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution that is celebrated on July 29. “It is our duty to defend it faithfully. It is our obligation to apply it effectively and we have the task of popularizing its provisions so as to ensure genuine observance by the citizens and the authorities,” stated Domnica Manole.

President Maia Sandu disseminated a message saying that the supreme law, the Constitution, unites the people around a common goal: the happy life of citizens in a prosperous country, in a sovereign, unitary and undivided state in which justice is functional, while the Person is above everything. “It has been 28 years since the adoption of the country’s supreme law that regulates our public life and the existence of each person apart, ensures social balance in a state with the rule of law, in a country of freedoms, equity and individual satisfaction,” says the message.

“The rights and obligations of the citizens always remind us that we form part of a community, that we must respect each other and that everyone, without exception, should obey the rules we set down together. Despite the difficulties, I invite you to study our Constitution, to appreciate the opportunity of being free and equal before the law. It is our social contract,” noted Maia Sandu.

The Constitution of the Republic of Moldova was adopted o July 29, 1994.

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