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65 persons, among who minors, were escorted to police station following protests

After the protests staged by the Shor Party on November 6, 65 persons with dubious behavior were escorted to the police station for identification and investigation. Among these were four minors. The organizers accuse the authorities of intimidating the opposition, while the General Police Inspectorate said that a series of provocations against the police had been witnessed since the start of the protests. Protesters took again destabilization actions and used force against police officers, forcing the police cordon, IPN reports.

“The legal demands of the police were ignored. Persons who incited to disorder and violated public safety, persons under the influence or alcohol, with dubious behavior, with a criminal past and with dangerous objects on them were detected among the protesters. The police documented a number of violations committed by participants in the demonstration,” the General Police Inspectorate noted in a press release.

The police said that banned objects that pose a threat to life, including metal bars, were found on protesting men. In another case, two men in an advanced state of inebriation had bags filled with containers with alcohol on them.

As to the four minors, these weren’t accompanied by groups. They were taken to the police station for being identified and for determining if their parents knew the whereabouts of these.

The Shor Party said the antigovernment protest staged on November 6 involved 50,000 people. The police put the figure at 1,700 persons.

According to the protest organizers, the crowed set off for the central square of Chisinau, but the police formed a cordon of several rows at the intersection of Ștefan cel Mare Blvd and Mitropolit Bănulescu-Bodoni St. The participants in the protest adopted “a resolution by which they condemn the destructive policies of the regime and accuse the authorities of establishing dictatorship.”

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