A number of restrictions remain in force

The wearing of masks in all the public places and maintaining of physical distance of at least one meter between persons remain mandatory measures. The education process will be conducted based on the scenarios agreed earlier by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research. In the settlements on red alert, online learning will be the main option, the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission has said, being quoted by IPN.

The Commission recommended the local commissions to take decisions to declare a state of public health emergency at the local level if the incidence rate is higher than 100 infections per 100,000 people.

All the measures on the crossing of the state border remain in force, such as the presentation of the negative result of the PCR COVID-19 test, done at most 72 hours before setting off, completion of the epidemiological form and also self-isolation for two weeks.

Depending on the epidemiological situation, the measures will be adjusted by the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission.

The Commission convened after the Constitutional Court ruled that the Parliament decision by which the state of emergency was declared for the period between April 1 and May 30 is unconstitutional.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of COVID-19 cases rose to 250,508. Of the 1,941 infected persons who are now in hospital, 207 are in a very serious state and 36 of them were put on a ventilator. The death toll from COVID-19 stands at 5,795. As many as 116 of the victims were health workers.

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