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About 90% of respondents say that human rights in Moldova are systematically or occasionally violated

Approximately 90% of the respondents to a survey say that human rights are systematically or occasionally violated in Moldova. Consistently, the number of those who say that the situation regarding the respect for human rights has rather worsened compared to two years ago is higher than the number of those who tend to believe or feel that the situation in the field has improved. The survey on the perceptions of human rights in the Republic of Moldova was presented in a public event organized by the Ombudsman’s Office, IPN reports.

Sociologist Vasile Cantarji, CBS-AXA deputy director, noted that some of the rights are ensured to a greater extent, while others to a lesser extent. There is an almost double discrepancy between the most respected right – to free movement – and the most disrespected right – the right to a fair trial. Children’s rights are believed to be the most protected – 73% of those polled noted this. 55% believe that the state ensures everyone’s access to education and conditions of study. Also, 40% said that their employer ensures their protection at work. At the same time, the percentage of those who do not feel protected from various forms of treatment, such as torture, inhuman and degrading treatment and treatment that can affect life, is twice as high as the percentage of those who feel safe in this regard.

Ombudsman Ceslav Panico said that the study is an essential tool for evaluating progress and identifying challenges related to the observance of human rights. This survey supports ongoing efforts to meet the international standards and formulate programs and policies to protect human rights.

Vasile Coroi, ombudsman for children’s rights, approved of the revision of the law on children’s rights in 2023. Although the perception is that children’s rights are the most respected in Moldova, there are groups of children who do not have their rights sufficiently respected or their rights are respected at a low level. He urged that the results of the study be interpreted with caution and that vigilance to the protection of children’s rights should not be lost.

Minister of Internal Affairs Adrian Efros said that the Ministry is making great efforts to align its activities with the human rights standards. They will study the survey and will assess the risks and weaknesses.

Maha Damaj, UNICEF Country Representative, said that children’s rights also depend a lot on the context in which children develop. Poverty remains a concern and financial support is important. Extensive services are also needed to deal with the challenges when these appear. UNICEF is committed to offering support to each child in Moldova so that they live in dignity and become European citizens in an interconnected world.

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