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Alcohol and cigarettes likely to be more expensive in 2023

The prices of alcohol and cigarettes are expected to grow next year. The draft budgetary-fiscal policy for 2023, which was proposed for public consultations, provides that the excise duty on ethyl alcohol will increase by 15%. The excise duty on tobacco products will rise by 25%, IPN reports.

Under the draft, the excise duty on ethyl alcohol will be 138.89 lei. The Ministry of Finance estimated that the impact of such a measure will add up to 60.3 million lei.

The excise duty on tobacco products will be raised due to a number of factors, such as the maximizing of budget incomes, gradual reduction of consumption of these products, the commitments assumed by the Association Agreement with the EU, the tax rates in the neighboring states and smuggling risks.

This may, the excise duty on cigarettes with filter and without filter, cigars containing tobacco and tobacco substitutes and tobacco reserves for tobacco heating devices in 2023 will increase by 25%.

This way, the excise duty on 1,000 cigarettes and cigars containing tobacco will be 41%, but not less than 1,198.75 lei, while on cigarettes with filter – 793.75 lei (+13%), but not less than 1,198.75 lei.

The given change is expected to bring additional revenues of about 618 million lei next year.

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