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Andrei Spînu: Moldova will have alternatives on import of electrical energy

The Government will continue to unlock infrastructure projects that enable to diversify the electricity supply sources and to take new action in this regard. A contract for the construction of the 158 km-long 400 kW Chisinau-Vulcănești single-circuit overhead high-voltage transmission line was signed in November 12. “This power line will offer us more independence by providing an alternative for importing power from the European area, more exactly from Romania,” Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu stated in a news conference.

When this airline is built, the Republic of Moldova will be able to easier overcome such energy crises as the one witnessed in October. “The Republic of Moldova needs to have alternative power supply sources and to be ready for any situation. The project supports the general program agreed by the Government of the Republic of Moldova for the asynchronous interconnection of the national electrical energy system to the common European electricity market through the European Network of Transmission System Operators,” stated the Deputy Prime Minster.

The new line will be built in the framework of a project to develop the electrical energy system that includes the modernization of the Chisinau power station and the construction of the back to back station in Vulcănești. The €270 million project is financed by the World Bank. Through the agency of this project, the energy security will be increased. The Republic of Moldova will be connected to Romania through a high-voltage power line through which about 600 MW of power can be delivered. Moldova’s total consumption is about 1,100 MW: 800 MW for the right side and 300 MW for the left side of the Nistru.

“Through the agency of this project, the Republic of Moldova will become part of a competitive and safe energy market, at European and regional levels, which at the end will mean a lower price for the energy paid by Moldovans and the security of guaranteed supplies,” stated Andrei Spînu.

The contract was signed with KEC International Limited, which is an Indian multinational company and also India’s second largest manufacturer of electric power transmission towers and one of the largest power transmission, engineering, procurement and construction companies in the world. Until now the company erected 24 power transmission lines all over the world after 2013.

The project is to last for three years and four months.

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