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Bălți Court validates position of mayor of Nicolai Grigorișin

The Bălți Court validated the position of mayor of the municipality of Bălți of Nicolai Grigorișin, IPN reports.

In accordance with the Bălți Court’s ruling, the decision will be transmitted to the Central Election Commission and Bălți District Electoral Council No. 2 within 24 hours.

The decision is final and enforceable, but can be appealed to the Bălți Appeals Court during a day.

Nicolai Grigorișin emerged victorious in the rerun snap mayoral elections held in the municipality of Bălți on December 19. According to the Central Election Commission, independent candidate Nicolai Grigorișin won the snap mayoral runoff in the municipality of Bălți with 84.77% of the ballot (7,148 votes). His challenger Nicolae Chirilciuc, of Moldova’s Patriots Party, garnered 15.23% of the vote (1,248 votes). The voter turnout was 9.98% (10,209 people).

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