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Ban on running in elections to be introduced into Election Code

The Election Code will be supplemented with a ban on running in elections. A bill that stipulates a restriction mechanism that can be implemented when a political party is declared unconstitutional was registered today in Parliament, the head of the parliamentary legal commission for appointments and immunities Olesea Stamate has said.

This way, persons who at the moment the political party was outlawed were members of this party’s executive body, held elective posts or were on the lists of substitute candidates on behalf of the outlawed party will be unable to run in elections during a period of three years of the date the Constitutional Court passed the decision by which the party was declared unconstitutional, IPN reports.

Olesea Stamate noted it is opportune and justified for Parliament to legitimize a restriction on the right to be elected. Otherwise, the practical effects of the Constitutional Court’s decision will apply only to those who currently hold the seat (as they become independent). They could run in the next elections on the ticket of a party or as independent candidates. This discredits the idea of declaring the unconstitutionality of a party.

The Shor Party was declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court by a decision passed on June 19, 2023, following the Government’s request to determine its constitutionality. Since that day, the Shor Party is considered dissolved.

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