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Cabinet approves mechanism of compensation of newspaper distribution fee

Written periodicals, eligible in the procedure for the distribution of state support based on ethics and deontology criteria, will be subsidized from public money. The financing mechanism was approved by the Cabinet on Wednesday. Through it, a normative framework is to be established to ensure the allocation of funds to fully compensate the fee for the distribution of national and regional newspapers within the limits of the financial means earmarked in the state budget for this year, IPN reports.

The subsidies will be provided from the state budget and can be requested by national, regional or local publications that will cumulatively meet a number of conditions. These include producing at least 75% local content of public interest, ensuring transparency of ownership, editorial office and circulation, achieved by indicating the owner/editor, the name of the editor-in-chief and the name of reporters, signing and complying with the Code of Ethics of the Journalist of the Republic of Moldova.

The political neutrality of editorial offices, promotion of democracy, human rights, the fight against corruption and disinformation are also part of the conditions invoked. Compliance with these criteria will be regularly monitored by media experts.

The costs associated with the implementation of the bill include expenses related to the distribution of editions of periodicals through postal subscriptions and are estimated at about 11 million lei from the budget allocated to the Ministry of Culture.

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