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CNAM director: List of compensated medicines and medical devices is gradually extended

An increasing number of medicines and medical devices are compensated by the state. The director of the National Health Insurance Company (CNAM) Ion Dodon in a press briefing presented information about the extension of the list of compensated medicines and medical devices and the fulfillment of the contracts with medical services providers in the first six months of 2023, IPN reports.

Ion Dodon said the list of compensated drugs was supplemented with five international common names of medicines intended for the treatment of psoriasis and with three international common names of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are used to treat systemic lupus erythematosus. The grownups and children who need palliative care will benefit from one more free drug – ibuprofen. Also, particular restrictions for prescribing lercanidipinum and dapagliflozinul were removed and these medicines will be now prescribed to more patients.

For the first time in the Republic of Moldova, needles and syringe for administering insulin will be compensated with money from the mandatory health insurance funds. These medical devices will be compensated partially, but the patients will have access to at least one type of device, needle or syringe, free of charge. The persons who need colostomy and urostomy bags will benefit from 11 types of such devices, which will be compensated.

The annual projected costs for new compensated medicines stand at 35 million lei, while for the new medical devices put on the list – at over 24.3 million lei.

The CNAM monitored the execution of the contracts signed with medical services providers that offer services to medically insured persons and decided to additionally acquire services within special hospital programs, including endovascular and cardiovascular surgery and surgical treatment for cataract, in the amount of 40 million lei.

The Company also allocated over 4.3 million lei to the Oncological Institute for providing radiotherapy services to patients with cancer, an extra over 7 million lei for patients who need dialysis services, for 3,500 dialysis sessions, and 1.2 million lei for the food and transportation to and from home of persons with tuberculosis who are involved in outpatient treatment.

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