Daniel Ioniță: We cut a substantial slice from our bread and offered it to Moldova

The Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Moldova Daniel Ioniță said the third part of the lot of 200,000 doses of vaccines promised earlier by President Klaus Iohannis will be delivered to Chisinau in the nearest future, depending on the vaccination pace in the Republic of Moldova. According to the diplomat, Romania will be near Moldova throughout the pandemic and the assistance offered by the Government of Romania will be distributed to all the districts in Moldova, regardless of citizens’ political preferences, IPN reports.

Ambassador Daniel Ioniță said Bucharest insisted that the vaccines donated by Romania should be distributed uniformly to all the districts of the country, to the Transnistrian region and Gagauzia.

“Romania donated 77,000 vaccines until now. They were shipped through the EU protection mechanism and these vaccines were distributed, and this was our wish, to absolutely all the districts of the Republic of Moldova as we aimed to help everyone,” Daniel Ioniță stated in the talk show “In Depth” on ProTV channel.

The exact date of delivery of the third part to Chisinau is not known, but Romania will definitely fulfill its promises.

“The vaccines promised by us will be delivered depending on the vaccination pace in the Republic of Moldova and on Romania’s readiness. As these vaccines were donated to the Republic of Moldova from Romania’s allotment, we cut a substantial slice from Romania’s bread and offered it with generosity to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, regardless of whether they love Romania or not,” stated Daniel Ioniță.

Despite multiple requests from Moldovan citizens who hold Moldovan nationality to open vaccination centers inside the Embassy or consulates so that they do not have to cross the border to get a vaccine, Romania’s ambassador said this is impossible.

“Vaccination is a medical act that should be exercised by qualified personnel. The vaccination process implies a series of aspects. It is not a simple injection. You are subject to medical questioning, fill out a form and doctors bear responsibility for the state of your health after immunization,” noted Daniel Ioniță.

Romania provided the first part of 21,600 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine on February 27, enabling the Republic of Moldova to start the immunization of frontline health workers on March 2. The second part of 50,400 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine was shipped to Chisinau on March 27.

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