Doina Gherman: Our parliamentary opposition does not have constructive approach to European integration

The parliamentary oppositiondoesn’t showconstructivism and seriousness with regard to the Republic of Moldova’s integration into the European Union, said the head of the Parliament’s commission on foreign policy and European integration Doina Gherman. According to her, the opposition doesn’t take part in the sittings that center on the country’s European integration and ignores the official meetings with representatives of EU member states, IPN reports.

According to the PAS MP, the European integration process should become a desideratum of the whole society and the major gal of all the political parties.

“We must leave party selfishness aside and unite around our common country project. This is not the project of a party or a political leader. It is everyone’s project. We have possibilities and platforms for debating different political ideas and views, but the European integration project is a project for our children and it is therefore cynical and inappropriate to start polemics on the issue. On the other hand, Russian propaganda is very present and becomes more aggressive, while the citizens who do not have access to reliable sources of information are manipulated. That’s why we need to be extremely careful about the information we consume,” Doina Gherman stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei channel.

She accused the opposition of full noninvolvement in the European integration processes in the country.

“Until now, we didn’t see a constructive approach on the part of the parliamentary opposition and seriousness as regards the European integration. But the opposition has a lot of possibilities. The representatives of the opposition do not come to meetings with delegations of EU member states and ignore the events on the parliamentary platform. For example, next week we have a meeting of the Central European Initiative and a delegation from Italy will come. The Socialists said they will not come and will boycott this event,” said the representative of the ruling party.

The MP also said that the European Union massively contributes to Moldova’s development and helps the country’s citizens by direct budget support ad technical assistance.

“In 2022 alone, the Republic of Moldova benefited from over €140 million in grant funding from EU member states. In 2022, we also benefitted from €130 million in loans. This money was used to build roads, bridges, to pay subsidies for bills. With this money, the people felt directly the benefits of the European integration,” stated Doina Gherman.

The PAS MP underlined that the European Political Community Summit that Moldova will host on June 1 is a proof of the unprecedented support offered to the country by the EU. On June 1, the Republic of Moldova will become the capital of European diplomacy and will play host to almost 50 European leaders.

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