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Dumitru Budianschi: Net salary of ministry of finance is 14,670 lei

Minister of Finance Dumitru Budianschi said the salaries in the public sector in 2022 will increase slightly after the minimum salary was raised. The salaries of a number of categories of employees, among whom the drivers and employees of the pscyhopedagogical sector, will rise in 2022. The official admitted that the pays of MPs and ministers will also rise, IPN reports.

Dumitru Budianschi said the salaries in 2022 will rise slightly to cover the inflation rate of 9% forecast for October. According to the official, if the inflation is 14%, as the National Bank of Moldova forecast earlier, Parliament will amend the state budget.

“We raised the minimum salary in the public sector from 2,200 lei to 3,100 lei. It is a measure that will improve the situation of persons with very low salaries from the public sector. We proposed amendments concerning drivers and their salaries were raised by over 1,000 lei. But their pays are rather low and the increase will not be felt in these difficult conditions. The employees of the pscyhopedagogical sector will also have higher pays,” Dumitru Budianschi stated in the talk show “Moldova Live” on the public TV channel M1.

The minister noted he would like all the salaries in the budget sector to be raised. However, the financial realities in Moldova do not allow this. The pays of health sector employees will not be increased as their salaries were raised a year ago.

“We must act based on the realities. The country has only these revenues. We do not generate more than 50 billion lei for the state budget. This is what we guarantee. The subject concerning doctors’ pays is within the remit of the Ministry of Health, not of the Ministry of Finance. As far as I know, the pays of doctors were raised the previous years. The frontline doctors have had bonuses to salaries during the pandemic. There are many speculations about the salaries of ministers and MPs. I get a net salary of 14,670 lei. I think the Premier’s pay is by about 1,000 lei higher,” stated Dumitru Budianschi.

However, following an amendment signed by PAS MPs to the budgetary-fiscal policy, the salaries of judges of the Constitutional Court in 2022 will be raised from 44,000 lei to almost 82,000 lei.

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