Ex-Premier Vlad Filat renounces post of PLDM leader

The former Prime Minister Vlad Filat quit as leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) and the post of president of the party will be held on an interim basis by Liberal-Democratic mayor of Leova town Alexandru Bujorean, IPN reports.

Vlad Filat tendered his resignation as party leader in the meeting of the National Political Council of the PLDM, invoking personal reasons. According to the decision taken by the party’s Central Standing Bureau the same day, which was confirmed by the votes of the members of the National Political Council, the post of president of the PLDM will be held by the party’s vice president Alexandru Bujorean until the next congress.

“The Lib-Dems continue to plead for the union of the pro-European right before the elections of July 11. In this regard, the National Political Council created a working group that will hold negotiations with other parties so as to compete in the snap parliamentary elections together,” runs a press release of the party.

Vlad Filat headed the PLDM in 2008-2015. He renounced the post of the party’s president in October 2015, when he was arrested after being deprived of parliamentary immunity. He was sentenced to nine years in jail for acts of corruption and was released before time at the end of 2019. Filat always pleaded not guilty and won several cases at the ECHR. In August 2020, the Extraordinary Congress of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova empowered Vlad Filat to take over the party again.

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