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Gas consumers who enter free market will have to take tariff deviations with them

Gas consumers who leave the regulated market to the free market and find another supplier will have to take the tariff deviations with them. Such a decision, called equity correction, was approved by the Commission for Exceptional Situations, IPN reports.

According to Minister of Energy Victor Parlicov, equity correction means that a consumer, when this wants to enter the free market, needs to take the unpaid tariff deviations with them. This will be done based on a formula that was approved by the Commission for Exceptional Situations on Wednesday. A legal solution is to be found for this correction element to be introduced into the normative framework.

The minister noted that they discussed the issue with the National Agency for Energy Regulation in April and a solution was considered, but the process expanded. A consensus as to how to intervene could not be reached with the Agency. Each consumer who enters the free market leaves a burden on those who remained.

The Commission for Exceptional Situations decided that the National Agency for Energy Regulation according to an accelerated procedure will be able to review the tariffs so as not to lose too much time by the classical procedure. “We hope to intervene in the near future so that the consumers benefit from other charges. We will not exert pressure on the NAER, will not make forecasts and will not provide exact figures. This is the duty of the NAER and it should pronounce on the issue,” stated Victor Parlicov.

The minister said that over 20 gas distribution companies have licenses to supply gas. The providers from the free market offer lower prices because they do not have the traffic deviations in the structure of their prices.

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