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Igor Boțan: Strategic partners do not threaten with energy weapon and do not impose bans

The Moldovan authorities’ decision to institute diplomatic parity among the employees of Russia’s Embassy in Chisinau, whose number was equaled to the number of Moldovan diplomats in Moscow, is correct and in line with international standards, expert Igor Boțan stated in a public debate hosted by IPN News Agency.

According to him, the waiting for a journalistic investigation that would serve as a public pretext for taking such a decision can be justified. This pretext does not serve as a reason for explaining something to Russia, but can be used to provide explanations to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

“In fact, the authorities should tell the citizens that the Republic of Moldova does not violate any provision with regard to the Russian Federation, but we have a war in the region, which was started by the Russian Federation. We are consistent in our actions that we confirmed from the UN rostrum, at the PACE and the OSCE. We act so as we should when we condemn an aggression that directly affects us as Vladimir Putin publicly addresses the Russian citizens and tells them that he wants to get back the Russian people’s presents given to the former Soviet republics. Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine is a product of the USSR and it gathers together the Russian territories that were distributed by the former Communist leaders,” said Igor Boțan.

The permanent expert of IPN’s project noted that Moldova has the right and is even obliged to come up with particular decisions, especially when the Russian politicians say that Transnistria is part of Novorossiya and Russia feels justified to restore Novorossiya. “A number of works by former Soviet statesmen told in detail how diplomatic missions activate diplomatic structures and illegal units for eventual wars. For example, in Germany one of the Chechen leaders was killed. In the Czech Republic, an ammunition store was exploded etc.” stated the expert.

According to him, the Moldovan authorities should make sure that the citizens obtain objective and confirmed information so as not to fall prey to the propaganda of a state that until recently was considered a “strategic partner” by a part of the Moldovan political class. “The strategic partners do not threaten with the energy weapon, do not impose bans, do not threaten the authorities of another state. The institution of parity is the best solution, without many explanations for the Russians, but with explanations for our citizens. Everyone understands who is to blame and who shows exclusivism towards other states. I think the authorities reacted rather decently. They acted openly against the Russian propaganda, taking a correct decision,” stated Igor Boțan, noting that not Moldova is to blame for the deterioration of the bilateral relations and time will come when these relations will be restored.

The expert considers the Moldovan authorities should now take attitude and tell more about Russia’s hybrid threats “The Russian propaganda, by the hybrid war it wages on our country, is a factor that cannot be ignored. The authorities of the Republic of Moldova should ensure strategic communication so that the citizens receive explanations for the actions taken by the government and these should be pertinent explanations,” stated Igor Boțan.

The public debate entitled “Diplomatic parity and its price” was the 287th installment of IPN’s project “Developing Political Culture through Public Debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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